BodMat™ Flexible


Grass Reinforcement Matting

BodMat™ is flexible plastic mesh designed for applications around childrens play areas, playgrounds and for equestrian surfaces where a softer plastic mesh is required in case of a fall. The flexible surface matting is supplied on a roll and has been developed using the proven oscillated design of Boddingtons' GrassProtecta® grass reinforcement mesh structure.

When used on grass, the mesh allows the grass sward to grow through the mesh apertures, producing a reinforced natural looking grass surface with the benefit of a critical fall height cushioning. This mesh structure design increases slip resistance and the soft flexible elastomeric polymer blend behaves similar to rubber matting further increasing slip resistance.

BodMat™ is easily installed onto outside surfaces by pinning in place. BodMat™ can be used in a multitude of applications - wherever a cushioned 'grip' surface that allows grass to grow through is required:

  • Childrens play areas on grass
  • Equestrian surfaces and stable areas
  • Walkways and access paths
  • Under domestic swings and garden toys
  • Critical Fall Height (CFH) tested to 1.8m - BS EN 1177
  • Can be used on contoured surfaces
  • Can be used by wheelchairs and pushchairs
  • Ideal for animal walking areas and horse boxes

As with GrassProtecta® the mesh can be installed onto existing grassed surfaces as the grass will grow through the mesh apertures thus creating a softer reinforced stabilised grass surface. BodMat™ has been tested to a 1.8m CFH (Critical Fall Height) which makes the mesh suitable to be used on grass play areas to reinforce the grass and protect the impact of falls (climbing frames, see-saws, roundabouts, multi-play equipment, climbing activity centres, toddler slides and toddler swings etc).

Product Details

Roll Size

Mesh Thickness
Tensile Strength
Part Number
2m x 10m
Elastomeric Blend
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Fixing Pegs

We suggest using our plastic fixing pegs to fix BodMat™ to grass surfaces. Our standard metal u-pins can be used, but using these in areas where the critical fall height of 1.8m is specified would void the 1.8m CFH approval.

Part Number
170mm x 70mm x 6mm dia.
50 pack
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Black Pegs
140mm long
100 pack
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