Grass & Ground Reinforcement

We offer a comprehensive range of Grass & Ground Reinforcement solutions. Our grass & ground reinforcement range provides an array of solutions for grass that is prone to rutting, damage and smearing from products that offer heavy load reinforcement (Terram BodPave® 85 paving grids and Terram GrassProtecta® grass protection mesh) down to light and occasional load reinforcement (Terram TurfProtecta® turf reinforcment mesh). We also offer products for temporary ground and grass protection (Terram GrassCarpet™), tree root protection (Terram Geocell) and Safety Rubber Matting for playground safety surfaces and access routes. The range reinforces grass and retains gravel for applications including car & coach parks, access routes, fire lanes, tree root protection.

Grass Reinforcement / Protection

Porous / Permeable Grass Plastic Pavers

Porous / Permeable Gravel Retention Paving

Ground Stabilisation

Tree Root Protection

Event Surface / Temporary Protection Solutions