PVC Coated Wire Netting / Hexagonal Mesh Fencing

PVC coated Steel Hexagonal Wire garden mesh

Our PVC coated hexagonal wire netting / metal mesh fencing is manufactured from steel wire and is coated with a green plastic coating. Plastic coated chicken wire fencing is ideal for discreet garden fencing, tree guards, agricultural fencing (protecting crops), pet enclosures, chicken runs and to protect from browsing animals including muntjac deer, rabbits, foxs and hares.

The green PVC coating protects the steel hexagonal fencing wire from rust / corrosion. We supply the fencing in 25m rolls in heights of 500mm and 1m.

  • PVC coated steel wire netting rolls available from 500mm up to 1m wide
  • 25m long rolls
  • Two hexagonal mesh hole sizes 13mm and 25mm

PVC plastic coated hexagonal wire fencing wire meshes can be used the following applications:

  • Garden Fencing and boarders
  • Chicken runs & Poultry Fencing (Chicken wire)
  • Rabbit fencing
  • Treeguards
  • Plants and crop protection
PVC coated Steel Hexagonal Wire garden mesh PVC coated hexagonal netting rolls  


Product Details

Roll Size
Hole Size
Wire Thickness
Part No.
0.5m x 25m
PVC Coated
(0.7mm steel wire)
Add to Cart
1m x 25m
PVC Coated
1.4mm (1mm steel wire) 20kg 140428 Add to Cart

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